Zoe Organics Cream



Developed specifically for those with very dry skin and conditions such as eczema, this ultra rich cream is packed full of nourishing vitamins and nutrient-rich oils and botanicals that naturally soothe and restore sensitive and damaged skin! Unlike lotion, this product contains no water, fillers or chemical preservatives – a jar of Zoe Organics Cream is packed with only premium 100% Organic ingredients and is even fragrance-free for those with extra sensitive skin! I am obsessed with this cream, I really do use it on my entire body to ensure my skin stays moisturized all season long.

To Use: Before applying, always ensure your hands are clean before dipping into the jar. For this product, just a little bit goes a long way so start with a small amount, applying more as needed! You may use this as often as you need, from head to toe!

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