Vapour Organic Beauty Eyeliner in Viper



Get all of the sultry definition you desire, without the harmful toxins thanks to this silky smooth, very blendable eyeliner by Vapour Organic Beauty! In this month’s box, enjoy one full-size eyeliner in the color Viper, a gorgeous deep plum and one of my personal faves! Not only does this look amazing as both a precise and smudged liner, it’s also made with nourishing ingredients like Organic Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil & Chamomile for those with sensitive lids! I really love these liners because they actually apply smoothly and really allow you to create various looks with just one product!

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Directions for Use:

  1. Always start with a freshly sharpened pencil.
  2. For ROUND eyes- Apply liner to the upper and lower lids without touching at the corner.
  3. For ALMOND eyes­- Apply liner only to the upper lids and lash line.
  4. For a NATURAL look- Draw tiny strokes into the upper lash line. Begin above your iris, extending a bit past the outer corner of eye. The line should be straight across or slightly upward. Blend upward and outward. Smudge line lightly to soften the look.
  5. For a SMOKY look- Hold the skin of your upper lid taut, apply eyeliner in short strokes from the inside corner of the eye moving outward. The middle of the line should be a bit thicker than the edges. Use the eyeliner’s sponge tip to smudge the liner into the lash line. This creates a soft dramatic eye rather than a harshly defined eye.
  6. For a DRAMATIC SMOKY look- Follow instructions for Smoky, then apply Mesmerize Eye Color. Apply the color over the entire upper lids and blend outward using only your fingers. Blend, blend, blend. Follow with another layer of the pencil and smudge into the lash line with the sponge tip applicator.
  7. For INTENSE DRAMA- Rim both upper and lower lids with the pencil and smudge with the tip applicator. For the bottom lid, simply pull the lid down and apply pencil onto the rim of the eye. Apply heavily on the bottom lid and then blink a few times to get color to the upper lash rim. Blend with the sponge tip applicator. Follow up by drawing Mesmerize Eye Color on the outer-third of the bottom lash line and blend into the lash line.