Dr. Brite Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen



Looking for a 100% Natural way to whiten your teeth, finally, there is now a way! Meet Dr. Brite, a company that creates an entire range of 100% Natural product for you, your family & even your pets! Included in the January Organic Bunny Box, you will get your very own, full-size, Peroxide Free, Green Apple Whitening Pen! This Dentist-created pen allows you to lift stubborn stains off crowns, caps and teeth, all while also infusing your gums with some much-needed Vitamin C! With the use of a Coconut-derived soap and Sodium Bicarbonate & Coconut Oil, you can now uncover a brilliant smile thanks to Dr. Brite!

Coupon Code: Dr. Brite not only carries 100% Natural dental care for us, they also carry it for your pets as well! Be sure to give their website a visit where code organicbunny will save you 15% OFF your entire purchase! <SHOP>