ZAO Black Eye Pencil



Just in time for holiday parties galore, this super smooth and creamy jet black pencil eyeliner by ZAO has made its way in this month’s November Organic Bunny Box! Perfect for everyday use or those times where a more smokey or defined look is desired, these mineral-based Vegan pencils are formulated with eco-certified ingredients that are not only respectful of your skin but also ideal for those with delicate or sensitive skin. I personally love the ZAO brand as it is not only high-performance but certified organic, gluten free and cruelty-free, with many refillable packaging options to reduce waste!

To Use- This pencil can be used various ways; to be applied at the edge of the eyelashes of each eyelid for an intense makeup. Draw a line of varying thickness starting from the outer corner. Blend a bit the line on the lower eyelid which needs to be less covered. Apply eye pencil before eye shadow to set the makeup.

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