Shamanuti Seaweed Toning Mist



Delicately adjust your skin’s pH balance, while also nourishing & refining pores thanks to this Seaweed Toner by a new face Shamanuti! Packed full of beneficial nutrients and mineral-rich calming ingredients, this toner smells heavenly and leaves my skin feeling super plump and hydrated which is essential for enduring these dryer Winter months! While this does contain a blend of 3 different sea plants including a Blue Green Algae and anti-inflammatory North Atlantic Kelp, this does not smell how you’d imagine, instead, smelling like refreshing Bergamot! I personally love applying this to my skin throughout the day for some quick hydration, but also to my skin whenever it’s feeling red or irritated for instant relief.

To Use- After cleansing, spritz onto a cotton pad and then swipe gently over your face and neck. This can be used as needed throughout the day as a refresher mist, or to set makeup, however, the smaller bottles have a stronger mist so hold back 1 foot for a more fine mist!

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