Teami Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder



Make your very own Organic Matcha right at home this holiday season, thanks to this ceremonial grade matcha by teami! Created with only the best, USDA Organic Japanese Green Tea, this not only tastes delicious but comes packed with additional health benefits as well! Designed to enhance the metabolism this antioxidant-rich tea provides you with a boost of healthy energy, without the crash. This one little tin, alone, creates 15 cups of matcha which means you can make the whole family a cup this holiday season!

To Use- This matcha green tea powder can be consumed on its own with water, blended with your milk of choice for a perfect matcha latte, or thrown into a smoothie for a boost of flavor! You can even use it for baking purposes! For full directions or more flavors, head to their website here.

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Retail Value- $29.99

Volume- 1 oz.