Max and Me The Intuitive Facial Mist



Spoil your skin this holiday season with this hydrating Intuitive Facial Mist by Max and Me! Designed to calm, hydrate, balance and support cell recovery, this luxurious mist not only smells like a dream but truly leaves my skin feeling plump and happy. Especially beneficial for those with thirsty, inflamed, or reactive skin, this toner is incredibly unique as it is made with protective Palo Santo, magical Blue Tansy and calming Calendula, this toner is my go-to whenever my skin is in need of some TLC!

To Use- This spray has multiple uses. Use it to dampen your face before face oil or balm, spritz onto face throughout the day as a refreshing treat, or emulsify with a face balm or mask for an added boost. This spray can also be used on the rest of the body, hair, and rooms to clear out any negative energy and encourage peace and tranquility.

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Retail Value- $23.25

Volume- 1 fl oz.