Sanari Plant Based Candle in Sanam



One of my favorite finds in a while, meet Sanari! A plant-based, all natural, vegan candle company that gives conventional candles a major run for their money! In celebration of Mother’s Day this May, I thought giving you a clean and cozy candle option for you or Mom would be such a treat, especially since the glass container doubles as a reusable wine glass! Made only with ingredients from 100% Organic farms and an unbleached cotton wick, these coconut wax candles are made right here in California and with no hormone-disrupting, synthetic fragrances or fillers! My personal favorite scent is this Sanam scent as it’s both subtle but enjoyable, with notes of Jasmine, Pomegranate & Rose that make it perfect for Spring!

To Use- For a nice glow and long lasting burn; burn up to 3-4 hours at a time. gently remove excess burnt wick with a napkin, each time before lighting your candle.

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Retail Value- $8.00

Volume- 2 oz.