Leefy Organics Inflammation Relief Supplement



Looking to fight pain naturally? If so, this supplement by Leefy Organics is honestly amazing, so amazing and effective that I just had to get them in an Organic Bunny Box! I originally ordered this in hopes to replace using Advil during my monthly cycle and I am happy to report that I am three cycles in, Advil-free, all thanks to Leefy! Designed to decrease inflammation, improve brain function, benefit heart health and improve joint conditions, this one little bottle offers so much relief for so many symptoms, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. There are a ton of similar products out there like this but what really sets this one apart is the liquid form which allows for maximum absorption, as well as the quality of the ingredients. To get the most from Turmeric, you must have black pepper, an additional fat and have it in liquid form which creates the best way to get your daily dose and all of their ingredients are always Organic, Non-GMO and made in the USA to ensure max quality!

To Use- This can be used to help with any pain you are facing. Place 2-3 droppers under your tongue to let them absorb, then swallow. For more intense pain, you can up the dose!

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Retail Value- $25.00

Volume- 1 fl oz.