Ora Organic Supplement Samples



A recent addition to the Organic Bunny store was this Ora Organic Vegan supplement brand which is why I wanted to get you bunnies some samples to try it out for yourself! In this month’s box, you will find a sample of their So Lean & So Clean Chocolate Protein powder as well as a sample of their brand new Trust Your Gut Vegan probiotic! Here is a little bit more info on how and why I use and love each!

Trust Your Gut- This is a USDA Organic probiotic and prebiotic powder with 20 billion probiotics per serving with 6 strains to support optimal digestive health and peak immune system function! Just one scoop is 20% of your daily fiber needs as well which means you’re getting in some much-needed fuel all while being one step closer to a healthy microbiome. Not sure what that is? Well, our microbiome is tied to our digestion, immune system, mood balance, essential nutrient creation, allergic reactions as well as viral, bacterial, fungal and yeast infections which means keeping it happy and healthy is key!

To Use- Mix 1 scoop with 1.5 oz of water or into a smoothie. Can be taken any time of day because of acid resistant strains, however, probiotics are best taken just before or with a meal.

So Lean & So Clean- This is a USDA Organic protein powder made with over 21 grams of protein and made from over 20 Organic Superfoods to deliver a complete amino acid profile. Packed with 2 servings of Organic greens per shake and Organic Cocoa for taste, this is one of the cleanest and tastiest Vegan and Organic protein shakes I have found!

To Use- Mix 2 scoops with 8oz (1 cup) of chilled water or plant-based milk. Can be taken any time of day. We like to have it in our morning shake or as a mid-afternoon or post-workout snack.

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Retail Value- $6