Green Tidings Natural Deodorant in Lavender



As you know by now, natural deodorants are an extremely personal swap, which is why I love including new ones for the bunnies to try, as often as I find them! After hearing rave reviews about this Green Tidings option, I set out to try it myself and must say, it sure is a winner which is why you will find your very own in this month’s Organic Bunny Box! Formulated with anti-inflammatory Coconut Oil, moisturizing Shea Butter, mineral-rich Magnesium, and Lavender essential oils, this is a super clean option that really kept me smelling fresh all day.

To Use- Apply a couple thin swipes daily to underarms as needed for odor control. If product is cold, it can harden. Simply hold onto skin for a few seconds before applying. If product is too soft, store in a cool area.

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Retail Value- $8