6 Months- Starting July


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For those confident in the Organic Bunny’s beauty picks, sign up to receive 6 months of beauty boxes, full of The Organic Bunny’s most favorite non-toxic products! When you sign up for 6 boxes, you save $24! On top of receiving a discount on your boxes, you will also be guaranteed to get a box each month which comes in handy when there are limited amounts!

If you buy a package option, your box will ship out in consecutive months unless you email me and let me know you would like one once every other month, I will then make notes to your account. For example, if you order the 6-month package, you can get a box once every other month if you’d like.

This will be for the July, August, September, October, November & December boxes, and all boxes ship mid-month, set to arrive on or before the 15th.


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