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Not sure if The Organic Bunny Box is for you? Try out one month to decide for yourself! For just $59.00 you will receive a one-month subscription, featuring 6-8 Organic Bunny approved products. You will not be auto-billed, this is a one-time trial box only. This Organic Bunny Box will ship out around the 13th of June, and you will receive an email with USPS tracking information as soon as they depart!

This is for the one-time-only July Organic Bunny Box!

5 reviews for 1 Month- July

  1. Amanda Nugent

    I had been watching the last few boxes to see if I wanted to get a box of my own and I’m sure glad I decided to get one! The August box arrived in a timely manner and was more beautiful in person than it looked on Instagram. It is a good sized box that can be re-used, which is a plus. The inside was beautifully packed and I was excited to see a mix of items that were from brands I had seen before and others I had not. I also enjoyed the diversity of the contents, as you definitely get more variety than other boxes, and the sizes of the items. The Thao tea is my new favorite and made the box smell very enticing! The Elate lipstick was so soft and a gorgeous color. The T-Spheres smelled yummy and I used them right away to relieve a pressure headache. I’m excited to try the Cocos scrub and Malaya oil! Amanda responds to any questions in a timely manner and you really do get the bang for your buck with this box! I usually write really short reviews on Amazon and what not, so this tells you something when I write a review of this length about how good the product is. I just signed up for auto-delivery and can’t wait to see what is in future boxes! So get your box today!

  2. Yuisa

    It is not the cheapest, we all notice the price, I know but, contrary to other boxes, most of the products are full-size and so far I have received between 5-6 products on each box so, do the math!! I love my Organic Bunny boxes, it is the gift I give myself every month (well, since September). I have discovered awesome new products with the box and Amanda is full of knowledge and is always available for her customers, which is very helpful since I just started transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Get it, you won’t regret it!

  3. theorganicbunnybox

    Aw thank you for the swee reviews! Also, all boxes have always had over 6 items in them, I hope you didn’t miss out on one by accident!!! xoxo

  4. sd

    The absolute BEST monthly box around. To be honest, I hate spending money on anything, but I always feel like I get WAAAY more than my money’s worth on these boxes. The Organic Bunny delivers with with size products that are always incredible.
    Plus the boxes are adorable and reusable. You really get so much for what you spend. Beyond worth it!

  5. cassiorganic_co

    When Amanda mention on Instagram that they are few June box left because some girls card didn’t work or something. I knew I have to give this a try. I purchased it . July organic box supposed to be my first time but I brought the june because I want to so badly. To be honest, it’s little $$ and I wasn’t sure if I’m satisfied with it because I never spent so much money on beauty stuff before (beside the bills which of course always more $$$$ lol) . It’s been long time since high school that I stopped using the beauty stuff. It’s been like over 6 years.
    Oh my word, I’m so glad that I did. This June organic bunny box is amazingly worth it . I never had so much stuff inside the box before and can’t wait to use it. Thank you for this amazing organic bunny box with good regular size instead of sample which I know the other box can be ripped off.
    If this is your first time with organic bunny box, GET IT and give this a chance to try it and I’m sure you will love it .

  6. Madonna

    Hi, I am very new to Organic Bunny and still get confused on lipsticks , lip glosses , foundations and I need to buy them all soon. I keep watching to learn but still don’t know which color would be best. It’s not like you can go into a store and hold them… Amanda is awesome and I love reading and watching her videos? Reading these reviews has convince me to try a Bunny Box,,, so I think I will ? I’ll order July xoxo wish me luck!:) xoxo signed Super Excited !!!!:)

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