Windecker Farms Handmade Organic Soaps



There is nothing I love more than a fresh bar of handmade soap, but finding one that’s actually made with Organic ingredients can be tricky to find! That was until I came across Windecker Farms, a super cute brand that hand makes soaps right here in Temecula, CA. Not only do her soaps contain only the best, all-natural + Organic ingredients, many are topped with beautiful details like dried rose petals and lavender! With a ton of different scents and treatments available, all of my December subscribers received a full-size sample of either Lavender, Good Morning Sunshine or Charcoal Tea Tree! These make the perfect bath companion as well as gift idea for anyone wanting a clean and green gift to hand out to your faves.

To Use- These creamy, mild lathering soaps will gently cleanse your skin all while treating your skin to some TLC. Made with nourishing ingredients like Organic Olive Oil, Coconut Milk, Cocoa Butter and essential oils, simply hop in the bath or shower and give yourself a scrub!

Coupon Code- Want to stock up on more of these beautiful craft soaps? Head on over to the Windecker Farms website now, where code organicbunny saves you site-wide! {SHOP}