Torie & Howard Organic Candy



Just in time for Halloween, thanks to Torie & Howard, you can now stock up on a wide-variety of Organic candy and yes, it’s so delicious! With cleaner swaps for conventional favorites like Starbursts or Jolly Ranchers, all of the Torie & Howard candy is pretty much as clean as candy can get which is so amazing to have as an option for when that sweet tooth strikes! In this month’s box, you bunnies found a full-sized sample of their Organic Hard Candy which to me, is an even tastier swap for artificially flavored Jolly Ranchers! Free of all Artificial Dyes, Nuts, GMOs, Corn Syrup, Gluten, Wheat, Casein, Soy or Dairy, these candies are bursting with flavor and come in a variety of fun blends!

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