Spirit Astro Luna Bundle



Kiss those bad vibes goodbye thanks to this Luna Bundle by SPIRIT astro! Included in this is Organic White Sage, a dried rose, Gypsophila and Selenite to help reset any bad energy or manifest your dreams into reality. The Luna Bundle can be used under a new or full moon or every day to clear out negative energy. The new moon is the beginning of a new phase and a powerful time to begin turning dreams into reality. The full moon is the completion of a cycle and a powerful time to clarify and refine anything in your life that hasn’t come into full fruition yet. It’s also a great time to celebrate what has been accomplished/completed!
To Use- Untie the crystal from the bundle of sage. The sage and flowers are infused with essential oils and designed to be lit and used around the home. The crystal can be used separately to manifest your goals and dreams!
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Retail Value- $28.00