Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute so you better believe it’s critical to keep those lips hydrated and happy! What better way to do that than with this River Organics Rose-Gold Vegan Lip Balm, an ultra-hydrating lip balm with a light golden pink sheer tint to give lips a naturally plump and glimmering look?! Made with Organic, nourishing oils to protect and moisturize the lips naturally, this beauty balm is also only scented from the natural scent of cacao, perfect for those green beauties sensitive to scent! Besides being oh-so-smooth and creamy on the lips, we also are obsessed with the packaging! This chic little tube can be recycled like a cereal box how cool is that?!

To Use- The Rose-Gold Tinted Lip balm can be applied alone or over lip liner. Open and push tube up slightly from bottom, keep at a low level. If you push up too high, simply push back down with lips to make the lip balm retreat.

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Retail Value- $11.99