Puracy Natural Bug Spray



So many of you ask me about a safer bug spray for you and your family so I figured, why not include this brand new Natural Bug Spray by one of my favorite Natural household brands Puracy!? Get excited, because you bunnies are some of the very first to receive this product, and yes, it is still strong enough to protect you from the Aedes Aegypti which is what carries the Zika virus! This bug repellant not only contains 99.9% Active ingredients, the most out of any other natural repellent, it is made from Natural Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts meaning it’s DEET free and environment-friendly.

So, wondering how this works? Well, this is made with Peppermint, Geranium, Lemongrass and Vanilla which people love but the insects hate. This product is plant-based, child and pet safe, hypoallergenic and free of any harsh chemicals or fumes.

To Use:¬†Shake the bottle before applying. Spray on all areas of exposed skin. When it comes to your face, spritz on your hands and then apply to your face. On children, do not apply this to their hands to avoid consumption. It is important to rub this into your skin after spraying it on as that will ensure complete coverage and that your skin is dry to the touch wit no greasy residue! Reapply this every 2 hours, or as needed. Avoid inhaling large amounts, getting in eyes, lips and be aware that people can still be allergic to essential oils. It’s always best to spot-treat your skin before using all over!

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