Osmia Organics Skin Care



When looking for a natural way to cure my dermatitis, I came across Osmia Organics, an all natural, Organic based line that has worked wonders to soothe and heal people’s issues just like mine. Because I did not want to treat my dermatitis with steroid creams or antibiotics, I couldn’t wait to try these items out, especially since the founder is also a Doctor which certainly made me more willing to put my issues in her hands. Three of the products that significantly helped my skin recover were the Osmia Organics Purely Simple Face Cream, the Spot Treatment, and their Black Clay Facial Soap. So, I figured why not get at least two of these goodies in the April Organic Bunny Box!?

In the April box, you will find one full-size Spot Treatment & a small sample of their infamous Black Clay Soap which will provide over 30 washes to test it out.  The Spot Treatment is a potent and powerful blend of essential oils, made to combat bacteria and diminish blemishes all while the Primrose Oil prevents any over drying while it heals. For anyone that typically gets flaky, dried out skin when treating their acne, this product is amazing for keeping the skin balanced and nourished while your blemish heals.

To Use: This is great for all skin types but for those with extremely sensitive skin, please do a patch test on your inner arm first. If all is good, you can then apply this to blemishes 3-5 times a day to the blemishes only, not the entire face and as the last step in your routine. Apply everything you want on your face, then ending with this product last.

Next, you will find a small sample of their best selling Black Clay Facial Soap! This small sample will provide over 30 washes, working great for normal, problem and combination skin. Made with Organic Almond, Avocado, Black Australian Clay, Dead Sea Mud, Coconut Milk and Castor Bean Oil, this soap is all I have been using on my perioral dermatitis and it’s really helped a ton.

To Use: Because I have normal to dry skin, this soap can be too drying if I use it twice a day, so for me, I use this just once a day, massaging it onto problem areas and then rinsing it very clean.

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