Old Orchard No. 16 Turmeric Oil Cleansing Cream



Perhaps one of my favorite recent finds, this No. 16 Turmeric Oil Cleansing Cream by Old Orchard is an exfoliating cleanser that benefits all skin types by restoring balance and soothing conditions like acne, redness, and scarring without ever leaving the skin feeling stripped or dry! Made with a powerful blend of Organic and Wild Harvested antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-packed ingredients, simply massage a small amount into dry skin, gently wiping away to reveal freshly cleansed skin that feels instantly soothed and hydrated! And, yes, it even removes makeup! You will notice that this is colored from Turmeric but have no fear, this will not stain your skin ?

To Use- Massage a small amount of No.16 into your dry face, using circular motions, for one to two minutes. Steam pores by laying a hot cloth across face to break up debris. Gently wipe away cleanser with cloth and warm water for one minute. Repeat with cool water for an additional minute. Pat face dry, mist with a hydrosol or toner, and apply a facial oil or balm to seal in moisture.

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