NKD Skn Pre Shower Tan



Because there is nothing worse than having on a sunless tan and having to then get dressed, meet this never seen before item the Pre-Shower Tan by NKD SKN! That’s right, you apply this before you shower and then watch your tan develop over the next 4-8 hours, cool right!? Formulated with 100% Ecocert DHA and nourishing ingredients like Organic Marula and Aloe, this tan really does provide me with an effortless natural glow with no patching or smell!

To Use- Apply product where a golden glow is desired. Be sure to apply with a tanning mitt or wash hands after application. After 10-20 minutes, shower the product off and carry on with your day! Tan will continue to develop over the next 4-8 hours. While this does provide color after just one use, you can also use this daily to keep your golden tan gradually building day after day.

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Retail Value- $5.00