MAHALO Vacation Glow


Perhaps the most decadent item in this month’s Organic Bunny Box, this MAHALO Vacation Glow has been one of my all-time favorite products ever since I laid hands on it a few months back! For anyone looking for a body and hair oil, all in 1, with remarkable healing powers to it, this product will be your new found fave! Made with Wild-Harvested and Organic ingredients like the delectably-hydrating Kukui oil, balancing Macadamia oil, repairing Sea Buckthorn oil, skin-miracle Argan oil, scar-fading Avocado oil, problem-solving Tamanu oil and youth enhancing COQ10, this serum works hard to feed and restore both skin and hair! Decorated with alluring notes of Tuberose, Hawaiian Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang, with an added dose of sparkle and shine to it, this is truly a vacation in a bottle for your entire body, head to toe!

To Use: I use this Vacation Glow as a tanning oil, a body oil, a perfume oil and a hair repairing oil! Simply add a few drops of this luxurious oil into your hands after a shower and while skin is still damp to give your skin its healthiest glow. Breathe deeply and massage this in to enjoy the warmth that flows through the meridians, releasing energy blockages and bringing a sense of ease and comfort to the body and mind.

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