MABLE Eco-Chic Toothbrush



Did you know, that in our lifetime, there will be 80 billion pounds of plastic toothbrush waste generated? And from that 80 billion pounds, nearly 5 billion toothbrushes will find their way into our oceans and Earth each year, in which they will stay there forever!? Because that is just way too much trash coming from our toothbrushes, why not opt for a sustainable Bamboo brush instead!? Not only is this MABLE toothbrush made from sustainable Bamboo, it’s also biodegradable meaning you are playing a huge part in keeping this Earth as trash-free as it can be.

How It Works: This self-standing, Bamboo toothbrush performs exactly the same way as your current plastic toothbrush, simply apply your favorite toothpaste and get to brushing! When you are done with your MABLE brush, you can easily snap off the head and recycle it while the rest decomposes back into the Earth!

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