Looking for a plastic-free way to gently exfoliate the face and body each day!? If so, say bye bye to your plastic loofah and hellooo to this Exfoliating Washcloth by the handmade and Vegan brand Lüfka! While eco-friendly items are now becoming more popular, this style of washcloth actually dates back to the Sumerian period, how fascinating is that!? Back in 5,000- 3,500 BCE, farmers would trim the branches of the Babylonian Weeping Willow trees and after hanging them to dry, weavers would strip the branches into thin fibers to produce diamond shaped washcloths just like this!

Not only is this an amazing alternative to plastic loofahs, but these also come with some added health benefits like boosting oxygen levels in the skin, improving circulation, flushing out toxins and, of course, removing dead skin buildup to leave your skin with a healthy and fabulous new glow.

To Use- First, get your lüfka wet. Then, add your desired body wash and lather. Start with your face and work your way down your body by rigorously scrubbing your skin in a back and forth motion. To wash your back, torso, legs, and the bottoms of your feet, grab your lüfka by each handle, extend it, and scrub. After use, please rinse your lüfka, ring it out to dry, and hang it up by its handles. With proper care, your lüfka can last up to one year.

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Retail Value- $14.95