Linné Botanicals SCRUB Face Mask



Get date night ready thanks to this exfoliating SCRUB Face Mask by a long-time fave, Linné Botanicals! Designed to manually and biochemically exfoliate off dead skin cells, this mask truly leaves my skin baby soft and glowing fresh! Besides just removing dead skin, this mask also works hard to promote cellular turnover and to unclog pores, something we all can benefit from! Packed full of super-ingredients like calming Chamomile, antibacterial Bergamot, skin-brightening Potato, and hydrating Aloe, I sure hope you love this new mask!

To Use- Massage SCRUB onto dry skin to manually and biochemically exfoliate dead skin cells. Allow formula to penetrate the skin for an additional 3-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water to reveal smooth, radiant skin.

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Retail Value- $17.00

Volume- 1 oz.