Fitglow Beauty Vita-Active Skin Care


Because FITGLOW Beauty is one of my favorite Organic beauty lines, I wanted to include samples of two of her newest skin care products, the Vita-Active Cleanser & the Vita-Active Serum! In the long skinny glass tube, you will find a generous sample of FITGLOW’s natural foaming multi-vitamin Vita-Active Cleanser that dissolves makeup effortlessly, all while loading the skin up with Certified Organic botanical extracts like Calendula, Burdock¬†Root, Rosemary and Nettle Leaf to leave the skin cleansed, hydrated and protected! This face cleanser is amazing for all skin types, and never leaves my skin dry which I love. This can be used both AM & PM.

In the second sample in this cute little pink bag, is a jar of the Vita-Active Serum. The full size of this product retails for $149 so why not give it a try before splurging on the big guy!? Designed to increase collagen production and diminish hyperpigmentation, sun damage and saggy skin, this potent, pretty orange serum is the healthy, natural way to nourish the skin with clinically proven super ingredients like Niacinamide, Plant Stem Cells, Bearberry, Peptides, Seaweed Brighteners, Bio-Lipids, Vitamin C, Tumeric, Aloe Vera & more!

To Use: After cleansing my skin with the above cleanser, I then like to use this serum before bed each night. If you use this daily, you really will see a noticeable change in the firmness and overall balance of your complexion!

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