Earthwise Beauty Black Locust Firming Concentrate



Because we are on a self-care kick, we just had to include this Black Locust Firming Concentrate by Earthwise Beauty for anyone looking to give their current routine a major boost of tone and TLC! Perfect for those seeking a more rich and nourishing product, this oil is lightweight yet extremely effective at softening fine lines, stimulating collagen, firming, boosting elasticity and calming the skin and the best part? It can be added to just about anything or applied directly to dry skin!

To Use- Add a few drops to your face moisturizer or aloe-based serum once or twice a day. Dry skin types may massage a few drops directly into freshly cleansed, moist skin day or night. Shake the closed bottle gently once in a while to remix.

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Retail Value- $86.00

Volume- 15 ml