David’s Toothpaste



Looking for a 100% Natural toothpaste that tastes good, cleans amazing and whitens the teeth?! Made with all Natural minerals and mint oils, this David’s Toothpaste is hands down the best I have found for brushing my teeth. Not only does it not contain toxic ingredients found in conventional pastes, it really does perform just as awesome, if not better! Scoring a squeaky clean {0} on the Think Dirty app, this toothpaste is one that not only you but your whole family will love.

David’s is always free of Animal Testing, Fluoride, Sulfates, Artificial Sweeteners, Colors or Preservatives and is made from premium ingredients that are farmed, mined and processed in the USA! The packaging is also made from recyclable metal tubes that seal in the mint flavor all while being environmentally conscious. I love brands that really do their best to be the best and David’s is certainly one I am proud to support.

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