Complete Start Super Greens with Vanilla Protein Shake



Let’s be real, eating healthy can sometimes be hard! So many times I will want to meal prep but… well, life happens! For those that want to do better but are short on time, these brand new Complete Start instant shakes are literally game changers! Made with over twenty 100% Organic ingredients, this shake provides 100% of your daily dose of greens, 21 grams of protein and with only 5 grams of sugar! Plus, it’s even Vegan which as you know is very important to me. I also love these shakes because they contain 13 grams of fiber which is half of the daily required dose, something most people’s diets often lack! Overall, I am obsessed with these shakes as they’re super healthy, very filling and oh-so-clean, I hope you bunnies agree!

To Use- If you are still not sold yet, simply pop your sample into a blender or shaker with your favorite liquid and taste how yummy Complete Start makes consuming 20+ nutritious ingredients!

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