Cherimoya Rose Green Tea by THAO Tea Co.



I’m not going to lie, the adorable pink packaging on this Cherimoya Rose Green Tea by THAO Tea Co. initially stole my heart, however, after trying the actual tea and learning about its benefits, I just had to include it in this month’s Organic Bunny Box! For those that do not know what a Cherimoya is, it’s a delicious fruit, foreign to most. The flavor of it can be described as a mix between a banana and a pineapple with many health benefits like boosting immunity, anti-inflammatory properties, cardiovascular benefits, and brain health!

As if you weren’t already sold, the rose petals then provide an additional aromatic fragrance while delivering a natural source of vitamin C and antioxidants. The Rose may help relieve some symptoms of menstruation and rosewater can be very beneficial for sensitive skin which is why this is one of my favorite blends to sip!

For those who have not tried THAO Tea Co. yet, this is pretty much one of my all-time favorite tea brands because they only use Organic + Fair Trade tea, Organic Fruits, Herbs and Florals, no synthetics or fillers here!

Brewing Tips: Simply add 1 tsp of tea to your included Disposable Tea Filter, then placing it in 8 oz. of boiled water. I personally like to let mine steep, cooling off, and then pouring over ice for an icy afternoon treat on these warm Summer days!

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Retail Value: $12