Find someone who makes you feel like you got the last limited edition shadow in stock. But until then, we have you covered with this soft peach and gold shimmer powder by BellaPierre Cosmetics! Formulated with 100% pure Mica powder, this beautiful shimmer powder in the color Earth will provide long lasting, vibrant color without any additional fillers that can often smear, crease, fade or even cause irritations! Plus, who says that natural has to be boring?! We can think of at least 7 different ways to use this shadow, check ’em out!

To Use- 

EYE SHADOW – Simply use a sponge applicator or brush and lightly touch it to the desired color, then apply it to your eyelid. Choose a lighter color as a highlighter to apply above.

CREAM EYE SHADOW – For a more dramatic look, use a damp applicator.

BLUSH – Use a blush brush and lightly touch the tip into the desired color and apply along the cheekbone. For a more dramatic and matte look, apply with a damp makeup sponge.

EYE LINER – Use a thin eyeliner brush, dampen and lightly touch it to the desired color. Apply under your lower eyelashes and /or over your upper eyelashes.

LIP COLOR –  First apply a clear gloss. Then, using a lip brush, dip it into the desired color and apply to the lips.

NAIL POLISH – Using clear nail polish, dip brush into the polish, then into the desired color powder, and paint on nails. Polish may also be mixed in a separate container for larger batches. Do the above with existing colored nail polish to change its shade.

BRONZER – Apply a dab of your favorite lotion (or even suntan lotion) in the palm of your hand. Mix a small amount your own colors in with the lotion. Rub on exposed areas.

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Retail Value- $15.00