Babydoll Face Mask by Vana Body



Because flower power is actually a real thing, watch it work its magic on your skin thanks to this Babydoll Face Mask by a new favorite Vana Body! Formulated with toxin absorbing Rose Kaolin Clay, exfoliating White Kaolin Clay, vitamin C rich Organic Rosehips, anti-inflammatory Coconut Milk, toning Lavender and Geranium, this mask really does leave me with a baby-doll-like soft and soothed complexion after just a few uses! This mask is also great for those with sensitive or dry skin as these types of clays do not draw oil from the skin, instead, they remineralize and purify clogged pores to leave you with an overall more bright, soft and toned complexion.

To Use- Take your full-size BABYDOLL mask and mix 1/2 TSP with the liquid of your choice. I personally just use water from my Berkey Filter, mixing it into a nice, creamy paste I then apply directly to clean skin. Let this dry and then rinse clean.

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Retail Value- $22