Athar’a Pure Pink Lotus Healing Facial Balm



One of the most magical facial balms I have tried in a long time… meet the Pink Lotus Balm by Athar’a Pure! Designed to naturally boost collagen, reduce sun spots, deeply hydrate and nourish dry skin, this is truly a must-have item this Summer! Pink Lotus Flower is also known for its amazing fragrance and natural healing benefits and besides smelling like a dream, this Vegan balm can also be used for both cleansing and moisturizing how cool is that?

To Use As Cleanser- To cleanse and remove makeup, massage a small amount on dry skin or over makeup. Fill your sink with hot water and immerse a facial cloth (preferably muslin cloth) with hot water, hold the hot wet cloth over your face for a few seconds while taking deep breaths to open pores and aromatherapy. Now use the wet cloth to remove dirt, oil, and makeup by working in small circular movements across face and neck. Rinse the cloth in cool water and hold over face and neck to close pores.

To Use As Moisturizer- Apply once at night to hydrate skin after cleansing.

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Retail Value- $29.95

Volume- 1 oz.