Antonin .B Ceramides Enriched Desert Hair Serum



Restore both moisture and shine back into dry, dull or lifeless hair thanks to this 100% Natural, award-winning Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum by Antonin .B! This lightweight but super concentrated Organic, Vegan serum is designed to be quickly absorbed by the hair, perfect for those with dry, color treated or chemically processed or sun damaged hair. This serum can be used a variety of ways-

  1. Every Day as a smoothing treatment to eliminate frizz.
  2. As an overnight mask to condition and hydrate the hair.
  3. For curly hair- As a curl smoothing serum!
  4. Added to hair masks for an extra punch.

Made with over 10 Organic vegetable oils, rich in essential fatty acids and ceramides, this serum truly reinforces the hair follicles and smoothes the cuticle resulting in the most gorgeous hair you ever did see! ✨

To Use-

  • Everyday- Take 2-4 drops and apply to damp hair before styling. Focus on the ends. On fine hair near the scalp.
  • Deep Treatment- Take a full dropper of serum and apply it to damp hair, leaving it on overnight or under a heating cap. Deep condition as long as you wish, shampoo, condition, and style as usual.

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