Aleavia Lavender Body Cleanse



Deeply nourish and cleanse your skin on a cellular level with this skin-soothing Lavender Body Cleanse by my long time fave Aleavia! Made with nothing but 100% Natural, Organic, Non-Toxic + Non-GMO ingredients, this cleanser is amazing for removing the day’s dirt, removing toxins from your pores and releasing prebiotics to your skin which results in seriously happy and healthy skin! Scented with only pure Lavender Essential Oils and free of all dyes and synthetic scents, this is a product the whole family can use and love, especially great for those with sensitive or itchy skin.?

Besides just being an amazing body wash, this product is also known to help with stabilizing our pH levels, eliminating body odor, improving the appearance of burns, sun spots or fresh scars, calming eczema,¬†psoriasis and keratosis and, it can even be used as a shampoo which is a plus for guys who want one product that “does it all”!

To Use- Can be used as a shampoo or body wash! Simply apply to wet hair or skin, lather well and rinse! Works extra fabulous with a Konjac Sponge which also allows the product to last longer.

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